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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 4th Video & what's up ahead for EMZ

Thank you to all who stop by our blog and check it on a daily basis.  Our apologies for not updating more often.  Let's see...where did we last leave off?  July 4th.  Unlike last year, we cancelled our 4th of July class due to the South Salt Lake parade we participated in.

Due to our BBQ the month before and plans for a master class in August, we felt like we needed to have someone else plan and organize the parade we were participating in.  Lucky for us we had a few volunteer.  The lucky job went to Jez Garcia.  She and her family organized everything from the truck pulling a boat with our sound system in it to providing breakfast for everyone who participated.  As with any EMZ event, it's not always a simple task.  Thank you Jez and everyone involved who helped make it a fun and successful event.

If you weren't able to attend, here's the video from that day.

It was fun to see people get up out of their seats and dance along as we passed.  At the end of the parade, we decided to do a little mini class.  Yup, that's how diehard this group is.  This is definitely another EMZ event to remember.  

Please note the following:

July 24th - NO CLASS

A few of us instructors are participating in the 5K that morning.  If you would like to join, sign up HERE.  If you sign up, please let us know on our Facebook page. 

August Master Class - due to conflict with building scheduling, we are postponing our Master Class.  Details to come in the near future.

Speaking of August...August 2nd during our Friday morning class, we are going to celebrate EMZ's 3rd birthday...of course in the usual EMZ style - dress up party & potluck.  Details to come...soon!!!  So stay posted.