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EMZ Instructors:

Beti Tua'efe, Betsy Vakapuna, Billie Sosi, Dana Rossi, Lila Latu, Liu Vakapuna, Maki Yamagata, Meliame Vaikeli, Satomi Biggs, Sela Misinale, Sinai Pauni, Sisilia 'Iongi, Twig Larkin

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plate Sale

Our EMZ organizing committee is having a plate sale this Saturday, January 25th.  Proceeds from this plate sale will go towards travel cost, hotel & other costs for our instructors to attend the Zumba conference next week in Los Angeles.  This is the last fundraiser before we head out.

The committee is making a limited number of plates (50-70).
All are welcome to pre-pay - guarantee you will have plate ready for pick-up.
Plates will be ready for pick-up by 11 am.

Pick up at:

4237 S 4625 W
West Valley City

Please text 801-231- 4508 prior to picking up your order - just to ensure there is enough plate(s).  We would hate for you to drive out and find out food is out.

Also, they will be offering FREE delivery for plate orders of 3 or more within the Salt Lake valley.

If you have any questions, please comment below, message us on our Facebook page (EMZ CREW) or text the number posted above.

Thank you so much for the love & support!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


As promised on Facebook, here's the blog regarding the competition a few of us instructor's are in.  


decided to join a 12 week competition to see who can lose the most weight (based off of percentage).  Midway through the competition, we will have a weigh in...and of course, we will post about that.  So, if you see us "doing the most on stage", that is why.  Hahahaha!  Aside from a slimmer us, $400 is up for grabs.  This should be interesting considering all of us will be attending the Zumba Conference next week and if it's anything like last year, it will be tough!!!  1 week down and 11 more to go!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Blood Glucose Monitors

Thank you to our coupon community, specifically Pola Makai & Sela Misinale for donating over 45 blood glucose monitors to our class members.  We hope that everyone in need of one, received one.  There are a couple more donations still left to come in.  When the monitors are received, we will post and let you know.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Greetings!!!  Wow, it's 2014....10 days into the new year already.  We hope you all had a fabulous holiday?!?!  2013 was a great year for EMZ.  We expect 2014 to be EVEN better!

As many of you probably have read, we are prepping for the 2014 Zumba Conference in Los Angeles the end of this month.  We are grateful for the donations that have been made to help us get there.  As it stands now, 9 of the 14 instructors have registered.  We plan on doing the same thing we did last year by driving out to Los Angeles, rooming together & taking in all the new things we are going to learn...and of course bring it all back and share with you - our class!

We would like to thank our organizing committee who has been responsible for putting together fundraisers, etc.

Mafi Misinale
Heamoni Filimoe'atu
Caralee Hand
MarySue Floisand
Sarahi Soperanez
Daniel Flores
Paula Avelar
Cecilia Dehesa
Ma'ata Halatokoua
Losepina Leilua
Patty Vebonilla
Alma Ruza
Beti Tu'aefe
Maria Aguayo-Lopez

(I hope I didn't miss anyone on the committee.)
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Before I forget...there have been questions asked if classes will be cancelled while we are out & who will be teaching class.  The current plan is to have the instructors who are not able to attend cover our class.  We promise will take care of that and make sure all is covered while we are away.

When we get back from Los Angeles, we will be kicking off a couple of challenges!!!  Hope you are ready?!?!

Let's make it a great year!