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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Instructor's Weight Loss Competition - 6 Week Mark

If you've been following, then you know that a couple of us instructor's are in a weight loss competition against each other.  Our first weight in was January 13th.  Last Monday, February 17th, we weighed in a little early.  This past Monday marked 6 weeks into the competition & 6 weeks and a couple days (April 11th FINAL weigh-in).

Here's the results of our weigh-in by percentage (total weight lost divided by starting weight multiplied by 100).

Liu 3.28%
Beti 2.97%
Betsy 2.46%
Sinai 2.16%

Weight loss by each person was between 4-8 lbs each.  It's still anyone's game.  
Stay tuned!

Zumba Conference 2014 - January 31

It's Friday morning and our second day in Los Angeles.  A few of us woke up early (6 am) and walked to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few things...and look for coupons.  Not only did we find what we went there for, but we picked up a few coupons to use back home.  

Back at the hotel, we all got dressed & ready for the day.  We had breakfast down at the lobby which was nice.  After breakfast, we decided to go for a morning stroll at a nearby park.  The agenda for the day was as follows:

9:00 am - 10:30 am - Kickoff Session
11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Class
3:30 pm - 5:30 pm - Class
8:30 pm - 10:30 pm - Fitness Concert

Around 11 or so, we all took the hotel shuttle to the Convention Center.  We all divided up and went to the classes we registered for.  A few went to the Dancehall Mash-up class & the others to A Tribute To Michael Jackson class.  An hour of each class was like a normal Zumba class with the exception of it focusing mainly on the music genre it was for.  So, for example, the entire hour of dancehall was nothing but dancehall music.  The other hour or so of it was a breakdown of choreography plus learning a little bit more about that specific genre.

After the first session, we had a two hour lunch break.  We all met up and ate our prepared lunches we packed.

The second set of classes consisted of Fierce Funk & Burlesque.  Majority of our group was signed up for Firece Funk & a couple in Burlesque.  Well, the ones in burlesque left and joined everyone in Fierce Funk.  Firece Funk wasn't what we expected.  We didn't like it as much as we did the other classes.

After class, we took the shuttle back to the hotel.  Dana, Maki & Liu walked to a nearby Honduran restaurant and picked up dinner for all of us.  We met back down at the lobby and ate dinner before we headed back to the Convention center for the Fitness Concert.  Unlike the year before, we didn't stand in a crazy line waiting.  We got to the Convention center and the concert had already started which was perfect for us.

What is the Fitness Concert like?  It's like a master class - big scale.  You have the who's who in Zumba performing/dancing & the crowd following along.  It was a lot of fun.  By the end of the night we were tired.

To view pictures from our trip - go to this link - HERE!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Zumba Conference 2014 - Roadtrip

As many of you already know, 10 out of 14 instructors attended the Zumba Conference held in Los Angeles, California.  We would not have been able to do this without the love and support of our family & class members - THANK YOU!  

Instead of one long post covering the entire conference, we will try and break it down by day.  Let's begin with the day we left, January 30th.  Those (Satomi, Maki, Liu, Dana, Sinai, Beti, Betsy, Twig, Souna & Ame) attending the conference met at the Stake Center prior to 6 am.  The other instructors (with the exception of Silia - pregnant and ready to have baby within a week) Lila, Sela & Billie with the help of Owen & Simi took care of class that morning plus the next 3 days.  We danced a little, took pictures and then by 6 am...actually 6:05 am to be exact, we headed out.

Dana was the first to drive.  Our first stop was in Beaver, Utah.  Then it was on to St. George, Utah.  We decided to stop by the Hawaiian Poke Bowl and have lunch there.  We met up with Thomas Iloa (Beti & Sela's first cousin who lives out in Hurricane, but whenever in SLC, he comes to EMZ) & his wife Megan.  We spent an hour there and then we were on our way.

We switched drivers in St. George.  Twig took over and drove us to California.  Once in California, we switched drivers again & Beti took over.  The first task we had was getting to the LA Convention Center.  We got there without any issues.  We all registered, took a quick tour around and then left.

From the Convention Center, we headed back to the hotel.  We stayed in the same hotel we stayed at last year.  It worked out great for us.  FREE parking, FREE breakfast & FREE shuttle to and from the Convention center.  That helped us save with parking at the Convention center which cost $20 each time.

We split up into our two rooms - 5 in each room.  We got situated and then headed back out again.  By this time, I believe it was around 8 pm or so...maybe later.  We decided to check out Korea Town.  Dana & Maki found a Korean BBQ place for us to dine out.  For most of us, it was our first time.  The food was great & the company, like always -- a lot of fun.

Since Souna was gone most of December, we missed her birthday.  We decided to tell them it was her birthday.  We celebrated it there at the restaurant - Road To Seoul.  You better believe the whole restaurant knew it was her birthday.  

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel & turned down for the night.

Valentine's Day

Tomorrow, February 14th we are having a Valentine's party.

Come dressed in colors red, pink & white!

Also bring a treat/snack/meal to share with the class.
We will have a table in the back set up with all the goodies!!!

We also are having a raffle.  We will be raffling a few prizes.  No cost to you, just attend tomorrow and be sure to grab a ticket to be entered.  Those that attended today picked up an extra ticket.

Any questions?

Email us at:  theemzcrew@gmail.com