EMZ is a non-profit, fitness organization dedicated to inspiring members of the community to unite in becoming healthy, fit, and active by providing and promoting free and low-cost fitness classes and health education opportunities.

EMZ Instructors:

Beti Tua'efe, Betsy Vakapuna, Billie Sosi, Dana Rossi, Lila Latu, Liu Vakapuna, Maki Yamagata, Meliame Vaikeli, Satomi Biggs, Sela Misinale, Sinai Pauni, Sisilia 'Iongi, Twig Larkin

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

SL Trib Article - January / February 2012

Video footage taken back in January 2012.  Article was featured a week or two later.  Thank you Salt Lake Tribune - Rick Egan.

*Before viewing video, stop music player on right.*

Friday, March 30, 2012

Calendar of Events

April 6th
  • Guest Instructor:  Aisake Vuikadavu (couple songs)
  • Easter Breakfast Potluck - see Meleane Vea for sign-up sheet.  Breakfast, treats available during class (for those that leave early) or after class.  EMZ style!
  • All - Dude Line - Up featuring EMZ's own Liu Vakapuna - see photo below for more info.

April 9th
  • Guest Instructor - Polly Silva (couple songs)

April 12th
  • Guest Instructor - Diosa DeAgostine (full hour)

April 13th
  • TBA!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guests / Guests Instructors

Our very first guest instructor to ever visit would be Jocelyn De Corte.  We met via Facebook & of course Zumba.  At the time, she lived in the Orem/Provo area.  She was kind enough to stop by and visit our group back in April of 2011. With class being at 5:30 am, she drove out around 4 to get to Salt Lake in time.  She's been a guest numerous times and we consider her one of our 'regular' instructors.

Through Jocie (pronounced Jaw-cee), we've had the honor of having other guest instructors visit, including Lindsey Taylor a ZES for Zumba Corporate.  Along with her, there's been others who recently became licensed who wanted an opportunity to teach a song or two.  We've had 'veteran instructors' who have years of teaching experience.  Aside from Zumba instructors, we received a sampling of Hot Hula - brought to us by Netta Lealaitafea & Tau Taumoepeau.  Moses Kinini & daughter Kaylee from Season 11's Biggest Loser came out to visit.  Moses has visited a few times and brought fellow contestant Deni Hill with him.

It's been a lot of fun to host these guests and we are expecting a few more in the near future.  Now some, including our group may ask, why do we bring in guest instructors when we have a handful of instructors teaching on a daily basis?

There are many reasons, but I'll list just a few.  As an instructor -- and almost two years experience teaching -- I am always up for learning how to be better, learn new styles and what not.  By bringing in guest instructors every now and then, it gives me an opportunity to watch and learn.  For many that are a part of EMZ -- EMZ is their very first Zumba experience.  Due to time, money and just life in general, some don't get the opportunity to try out other classes.  We have the opportunity to give them a taste of what Utah has to offer.  And Utah has some pretty amazing instructors.

In some cases, some of the guest instructors have reached out to us for the opportunity to come out and teach -- whether it's promoting an event they have or just to feel the crazy energy at EMZ, we welcome them all the same.

I apologize for not mentioning all the guests we've had -- that will be a different post.  Coming soon to EMZ -- Diosa DeAgostine from Northern Utah & Aisake Vuikadavu from Southern Utah...and a few more.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EMZ Instructors - how it all happened...

I became licensed to teach Zumba end of May 2010.  Later that summer in August, a friend of mine Ane Pututau mentioned she had a place I could teach if I was interested.  Excited for the opportunity to 'practice', I was all for it.  My very first class began with myself and 3 other individuals at 7 am.  A week from there with school starting, some suggested we move class time to 5:30 am.  Somehow they talked me into it.  Maybe because it was just one day a week.  A month in, they all talked me into adding another day.  For 9 months I taught every Wednesday & Thursday.  To be quite honest, mornings are not my thing - if it weren't for the dedicated individuals I would've given up already.

May of 2011, a few friends who were interested in becoming instructors themselves asked if they could teach a few numbers.  Excited for the help I would be getting.  I agreed.  Instead of teaching by myself, I was team teaching with Beti Tu'aefe, Betsy Vakapuna & Twig Larkin. Once they were on board, we went from twice a week to five days a week.

Last summer, a few friends who are Zumba instructors decided to visit and check out EMZ.  After visiting, they fell in love with the class and joined our group of instructors currently teaching -- Satomi Biggs & Dana Rossi.  We relocated to a bigger building that would help accommodate the growing class size.  Along with that, we thought we'd split and have two locations running.  When we did that, we received additional help from:  Netta Lealaitafea, Nicole Fiedler, Christina Magana, Sisilia Iongi, Teuila Aagard & Lila Latu.  By the end of the year, we decided to make it easier and not so confusing we went back to one location - Glendale. In addition to a growing class, we added a few more instructors:  Maki Chavoya, Sela Misinale, Souna Vea,  Billie Sosi, Ame Te'o & Liu Vakapuna.  Shortly after adding these amazing individuals to our EMZ Instructors line-up, we decided it would be best to set a 'cap' on who teaches daily at EMZ.  In addition to Zumba, we have Nola Tu'aone who does a 15-20 stretch class prior to EMZ at 5:00 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Why the cap?  A one hour class consists of an average 15-17 songs depending on length.  On average, we have 8 or so show up each morning to teach.  If you do that math, that equals roughly 2 songs for each person.  We felt it would only be fair.  Now if everyone shows up, that means no song to one each.  Do you see why the cap?

Each instructor who currently teaches adds a different flair to the group..whether it's specializing in high flying kicks, hip-hop, axe, salsa, cumbia...tahitian, you name it, we have someone who covers that area.  I indeed am grateful for their help and all that they bring each morning.  Nothing but love, laughs & pure craziness!

If you haven't checked out a class, try it once...and be careful, you might be hooked!  :)

Tonight some of us will be teaching at the Liberty Tongan Ward -- not sure on the address, but you are welcome to check it out.  Class is at 7 pm tonight.

Much ofa's!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Dana Rossi, one of our EMZ instructors is part of this event.  Along with teaching Zumba, she is a dance teacher at Ballet West.  See info below for the FREE event March 27th & 28th:

Attend our FREE "I CAN DO" 2012 event:
March 27th and 28th at 7:30 pm
West High School Field House

Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out (I CAN DO) teaches movement and gives children the opportunity to experience dance first-hand.

Ballet West teachers and dancers work with 5th graders from select schools from across the Wasatch Front. After attending seven months of weekly classes, the students present a public performance. The performance is open to the public and gives students a chance to show their parents and teachers all they have learned.

Participating Elementary Schools/Schedule:

Bennion Elementary - Tuesday
Edison Elementary - Wednesday
Emerson Elementary - Wednesday
Hillsdale Elementary - Tuesday
Newman Elementary - Tuesday
Rose Park Elementary - Wednesday
Riley Elementary - Wednesday
Washington Elementary (Davis) - Tuesday
Washington Elementary (SLC) - Wednesday
Whittier Elementary - Wednesday
Woodrow Wilson Elementary - Tuesday


I can't believe I created a blog for our EMZ Crew...as if the Facebook Group page is not enough already.  Lol.  We'll see how this blog works out.  What type of info would you like on our blog?  Please post away.  I may recruit others to help update and what not.  In the meantime, it's created...and hopefully we'll stay updated.  Hahahaha.

Happy Monday everyone!!!