EMZ is a non-profit, fitness organization dedicated to inspiring members of the community to unite in becoming healthy, fit, and active by providing and promoting free and low-cost fitness classes and health education opportunities.

EMZ Instructors:

Beti Tua'efe, Betsy Vakapuna, Billie Sosi, Dana Rossi, Lila Latu, Liu Vakapuna, Maki Yamagata, Meliame Vaikeli, Satomi Biggs, Sela Misinale, Sinai Pauni, Sisilia 'Iongi, Twig Larkin

Donations kindly accepted :)

Monday, April 30, 2012

Temporary Location Change

May 1, 2 & 3 we will be at the following location:

1201 S 1200 W
(Building that is north of  the 7-11 on California Ave - not the building behind Hook & Ladder)
Parking & entrance is on the north side of the building.

Same time:  5:30 am

Friday, May 4th we are back to old location on 

900 W Fremont Ave. (approx 1100 S)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Video footage from April 27, 2012 class

A video from class this morning. We had guests: Camilo Jimenez & Chris Phinney. This video is with Camilo & a few of the female members of The EMZ Crew. Good times this morning!!! Stay tuned for more videos.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Guests - April 27, 2012

Tomorrow, April 27th -- we will have guests Camilo Jimenez & Chris Phinney in the house.  I started attending Zumba classes back in March of 2008.  It wasn't until January of 2009 that I attended my very first Zumba event/master class.  It happened to be Camilo's master class.  First of all, I was in awe to see a guy teaching 'Zumba'.  Second, the way he moved his hips -- pretty smooth.  In fact, smoother than the way I've seen some women move theirs.  I was quite impressed.  Hahaha.  And to make the class memorable -- my crazy sister Sisilia and I were called to go up on stage with him.  Poor guy -- he didn't even know what he was getting into.  Since that master class I haven't had a chance to catch any of his classes.  It will be great to share the stage with him tomorrow.

Along with Camilo, we have Chris Phinney visiting.  Chris is from Park City.  I've had a chance to catch Chris teach on two occasions.  The guy is very energetic & will definitely get the crowd going.  He's a great instructor.  Thank you Chris for making the trek from Park City over to visit EMZ.

I think EMZ is in for a treat tomorrow.  The first half will be taught by Camilo & Chris.  The last half by a few of the EMZ instructors.  It will be lots of fun!  See you all bright & early tomorrow. 

 My mom, Kalo, Camilo, Silia & myself.
January 2009

Instructors interested in five hour workshop with Camilo, please see flier for details.
His workshop is this weekend - Saturday, April 28th.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

EMZ - April 13, 2012

This video clip was filmed and put together for a school project by Nicole Fiedler's brother.  It was filmed on the day Jason Thompson visited EMZ.  Due to certain restrictions, none of Jason's routines were filmed.  Either way, here's a clip of the EMZ Crew in action.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


   1.  The act or process or an instance of repeating or being repeated.
   2.  A recitation or recital, especially of prepared or memorized material.

What does it have to do with Zumba?  Most routines are choreographed with moves that repeat over and over.  Along with repetitive moves, the routines are taught consecutive days - why?  When first learning a routine, the focus to get it down.  Once the routine is learned, the individual is able to add more motion or their own flavor making it a harder workout.

Even though there is repetition in motion & songs, one thing for sure about Zumba, it's never dull.  The music is constantly changing along with the routines!  I don't see this as a fad that's going to die out.  Zumba celebrated it's 10 year anniversary last year and still going strong with 12 million fans working out each week!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Benefits of Zumba®

The most common cause for people putting a break to their exercise is boredom and lack of time. Zumba® has the ability to solve both these problems by offering a complete body workout in just a single session, making exercise fun. As the classes are quite exciting and the music is lively and uptempo, time flies quickly. The many benefits of Zumba® include the following.

1. Helps in relieving stress.
Zumba® fitness is all about letting go of your inhibitions and losing yourself in the latin rhythms and snappy routines. The energetic movements not only help in the release of endorphins that help in elevating mood and increasing energy levels, but also help to melt away your worries along with excess pounds.

2. Aids in toning the body
The moves in this form of group exercise aid in working on core muscles of the abdomen along with other major muscle groups in the body such as legs, hips, back, and heart.  Abdominals become stronger,  buttocks and legs become leaner and firmer, upper body strength improves, the mind becomes more alert and coordination skills improve dramatically. Zumba® drastically improves circulation and strengthens the muscles and joints of the body.

3.Helps in weight loss.
Zumba® is a great workout that helps in burning body fat and aids in weight loss. The number of calories burned in each workout differs from person to person and depends on their age, weight, fitness level, and intensity put forward. One hour of Zumba®  workout helps in burning about six hundred to one thousand calories. Practicing alternating intervals of low and high intensity movements helps you to burn more calories. It is recommended to attend at least two or three sessions per week to keep the body in great condition and maintain weight loss.

4.Provides benefits of interval training.
Zumba® fitness offers the benefits of interval training which is one of the most excellent ways to improve fitness. Zumba®integrates the theories of interval training in each and every workout by making use of alternating slow and fast routines, incorporating repetition which makes the program easy to adhere to. Regular sessions of Zumba® dance have the ability to reshape and refresh all parts of the body.

5.Releases toxins from the body.
A  Zumba® workout helps in releasing a lot of sweat and toxins from the body. This helps improve clarity of mind which also improves memory and concentration. Zumba exercise also reduces cholesterol and cellulite.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

EMZ Event


June 29th, 2012
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Salt Lake City, Utah

$10 pre-pay tickets
$15 at the door

If you think the mornings are crazy, we guarantee this event will top any party we've had!

We are still in the planning stages but we wanted to get the word out so you can save the date!

We are also looking for donations:

advertisement skills
any kind of sponsorship/donation  would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sensazao Crew

Coming to Salt Lake City, Utah
May 11, 2012
6:00 - 7:30 pm

Prior to ever becoming a Zumba instructor, I followed this trio on YouTube.  Once I became an instructor, I have used many of their routines in my classes.  They make it look effortless.  Yet their routines are quite a workout.  I am so excited for them to visit Salt Lake.  Thank you Diosa DeAgostine & team for bringing them here.

I have tickets for this event available for $15.

See me (Sinai) after class or contact me via a comment here or on Facebook.
You don't want to miss this event!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jason Thompson

We are so excited to have Jason Thompson visit EMZ tomorrow morning.
Thank you Jocelyn DeCorte for bringing him to EMZ to visit.
We are looking forward to it.

You are all welcome to join us!
Class is FREE.
Time:  5:30-6:30 am
Place:  LDS Stake Center
approx 900 W 1100 S 

Later in the evening, Jocelyn, Jason and a few other instructors will be doing a 1 1/2 hour Master Class.

 See  picture below for details.

Ticket(s) to this event will be discounted to $15 tomorrow morning ONLY at EMZ.

If interested in purchasing ticket online - go HERE.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More color options available...

In addition to the colors in my previous post - the colors above will soon be available for purchase.  I will have a list in class where you can list your name, size, color & quantity.  Payment will be required before order is placed.  I will be taking orders for the next week, $15 each.

Colors:  purple w/white lettering
orange w/black lettering
white w/black lettering
dark turquoise w/white lettering

The colors in previous post will no longer be available.  What I have in stock is it -- see previous post.
Any questions?  Email me at zumbaliciousable@gmail.com


**Please note, once this order is placed -- moving on to the next design (the one above w/the palm trees or plain 'EMZ Crew').**

Monday, April 9, 2012

For Sale

EMZ Tees $15

Sizes in stock:

Pink  S, XL)
Black (XL, XXL)
Yellow (XL, XXL)

More colors coming soon:  Purple, Orange & White

Next Tees set to come out - the EMZ Crew design above by Evan Fife.

Jingle Skirts

Solid Color Regular Size $11
Solid Color XL Size $15

Regular Size Animal/Printed $13

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Low and wide!

I shared this video before on our FB page, sharing it again for those that missed this post.  To get the most out of your Zumba workout -- follow this tip:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


EMZ in the beginning a couple months into it.
October 2010

HEB Hall...oh the memories.

EMZ today.

It's 4:45 am, been awake since 3 am.  By 4:15 I was awake and ready.  Now I'm just waiting until it's time to leave.  This is a first.  Those that know me and know me well, know that I am not a morning person.  Over the past year, almost two, I've learned how to be a 'morning person'.  Every now and then I ask myself why?  Such as this morning.

Then as I go back and look at old pictures, I am reminded why?  I am reminded of the diverse group we have built -- from young to old.  I am reminded of the elderly people that come early and anxiously wait for class to start.  I am reminded of the individuals who do not feel comfortable in a 'gym setting' for different reasons.  I am reminded of the individuals who are physically challenged that come out each morning even though it takes them about 10 minutes or so to get from their car to the building, it doesn't stop them.  I am reminded of the individuals who are struggling financially who would love to take part in the Zumba craze but can not afford it....and the list can go on if I were to share each person's challenge or success and their efforts to come out each morning.

What began as an avenue for me and others to "practice" has turned into something much more.  I'm not going to lie, there are moments where I wonder, is it worth it?  And as I sit and THINK...I am reminded of the love I have grown for everyone who is a part of this group.

Thank you EMZ Crew, you have taught me much more than Zumba!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


This Friday, April 6th

Special promo for EMZ members if you pre-pay your ticket.
Buy it before Wednesday, April 4th and it's $8 instead of $10/$11 at the door.
Come to EMZ and see me, Sinai Pauni.

EMZ Crew will be there to support our very own, Liu Vakapuna.

Monday, April 2, 2012

What it takes to run EMZ...

Unlike most normal Zumba classes, instead of one instructor, we have anywhere from 2 or 3 to 13 that show up each morning to teach.  As much as we try and plan the playlist ahead, most of the time, the playlist is not complete until mid way through class.  Two of us alternate being in charge of the playlist -- myself (Sinai) on M, W & F and Dana on T & Th.  I'm sure in the near future we'll have the other instructors take on the task of dj'ing.

(The picture above is a rare occasion where I didn't have everyone's music -- thus the many iPods on the side.)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

August 2011 One Year Celebration

This video was put together by Satomi Biggs for EMZ's one year celebration back in August 2011.